What Experts Are Saying About List Building Using Facebook


Every successful modern business today must have a strong customer list to stay in business. Moreover, this customer list must continue to grow in order to enjoy a larger share of the market. Hence, it is not surprising for modern businesses today to engage in email list building activities to grow their customer database.

Need for Email List

More and more businesses today are employing email list building to secure a stronger customer list that would fuel business. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that is cheap and effective in generating more potential leads to expand the business.

A strong email list would contain a targeted list of consumers who would be willing to receive business updates and promotional information from time to time. These consumers would have opted in to be on the mailing list of the business by supplying their email address to the company. If the business updates are of value to the recipients, they would stay on as loyal fans and customers who would be compelled to make purchases and support the business. Otherwise, these consumers would unsubscribe from the mailing list to check out competitors’ offerings depending on whether the goods and services rendered fulfill their expectations and demands.

Facebook is an excellent social media networking site that provides the best of email list building features and facilities which have attracted many businesses today in jumping onto its platform for a share of the market.

List Building on Facebook

This popular social networking site boasts of millions of subscribers and users checking in every day. Most online businesses today are embracing Facebook to build up their email list for the targeted audience that would fuel the business.

A business email list should be built from a Facebook business page rather than from the personal account. This would direct business opportunities and targeted potential leads to the business, although creative and innovative marketing plans and strategies could be implemented.

A follower on the business via Facebook speaks strongly about the interest in the business brand and offerings. This is a definite signal of available business opportunity for the company or marketer to follow through. Well designed marketing tactics and plans should be formulated and implemented to help marketers win these potential leads over to become loyal customers for the company.

Good content that is useful to customers would boost the brand and image of the company with a higher likelihood of customers sharing or forwarding the email to their own circles of influence. This would put the company in good stead in the market with a higher reputation and wider visibility. The more potential leads which were not easily available to the company can be identified when satisfied followers open their avenues of communication for the company.

This is an excellent way for online businesses to build up a strong email list. The proper procedures for a professional email marketing approach must be adopted to ensure success in any marketing campaign undertaken. Hence, businesses which employ email list building via Facebook need to include an opt-in form on their Facebook business page to encourage more potential leads to join the business emailing list.

Good email list building could also be executed easily with a list building software that has the relevant features for the desired task.

Facebook Business Page Contents

Email list building using Facebook is only successful when the right business information is posted properly on the Facebook business page. This would include backlinks to the web business site or blogs with a description or commentary that would enlighten the readers.

Interesting Facebook contents that would attract more opt-ins to build up the email list include inspiring quotes and provoking thoughts without slander or malice. These contents appeal to many types of consumers who are motivated to respond and engage in the online discussion or forum. They can become followers easily when they enjoy the contents and online participation. Smart business marketers need to pose interesting issues and content on their Facebook business page to entice more traffic to build up their email list.

Online conversions and attractive images form great content choices on Facebook business pages. These would activate a lot of ‘Likes’ on Facebook with followers sharing and forwarding the contents readily.

It is easy to promote the Facebook business page from the web business site or blog with a distinct email signature. Traffic would be directed to the Facebook business page which builds up the business email list. However, as the email list grows, some automation process may be required to manage the database more effectively. This is where business marketers may want to consider reliable email software in the market to handle this task efficiently.

Top Building Strategies

Smart online business marketers need to be equipped with top list building strategies when manipulating Facebook. Social media sites are very instrumental in connecting with the right consumers to boost the business brand, image and sales. One of the strong favorites in list building using Facebook is article marketing. Modern consumers have a strong appetite for new and valuable content that would boost their knowledge base and self confidence. Quality articles attract consumers today to impact their lives and lifestyle. Businesses today need to create a Resource Box for every article they write and submit to reputable article directories that would attract the attention of top search engines for higher page ranking.

Popular social networks like Facebook are great platforms to draw in the desired crowds from all walks of life that could be potential leads for a business. Business marketers could manipulate Facebook features to promote email list building with a good understanding of an effective incorporation in a marketing campaign.

Generating free webinars on Facebook is another great way to promote the business brand and offerings while building the email list with the right kinds of consumers as potential business prospects.

Business opportunities are endless with Facebook and email marketing strategies that incorporate list building for more customers to boost business activities.