What Are The Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2015

social media trends

Social media is huge today with advanced technologies offering greater exploits in online interaction. Online social media networks are rapidly enlarging their scope to boast of millions of members and users every day. Many parties are interested to know the top 5 social media trends of 2015. Many businesses and ordinary consumers are wondering what areas social online marketers are focusing on this year. This would help businesses focus on the most productive arenas to promote themselves with the best of marketing strategies and advertising.

Advertising breakthrough

It is crucial for modern businesses to identify the best of markets that they can focus on to attract new customers without wasting their time, resources and effort to enjoy the desired outcomes that include image, branding and bottom lines.

Many businesses today are checking out reliable review sites and reputable research or market reports that offer accurate information about potential areas where they can find targeted audiences to fuel their survival with their products and services.

Reliable market reports unveiled 5 important social media trends that smart business entities should focus on for a market breakthrough. These 5 areas of advertising for any business should guide the business entity in the right direction of market success with the proper advertising and marketing objectives set in place. It would reduce competition, marketing concerns and bottom line worries for 2014 if the business entity applies the tips and guidelines appropriately.

1) A Keen Listening Ear

A successful company is established by its ability and willingness to listen acutely to their customers on all feedback. Social listening is crucial to the building up of the company with an improvement on its structure, modus operandi, offerings, services and expansion plans.

This is the key for brand names to rise to their echelon market positions; they really hear their customers and take action on the feedback or positive criticisms received. More marketers are applying social attention methods today, with a growing number expected in 2014 as this strategy is working well with those applying it efficiently and consistently.

It is imperative to practice close listening with a full understanding of the market to identify a fad or trend. A load of relevant and useful information can be procured with careful social listening from even the least expected avenue. Such feedback on business operations can help improve the business website, context, communication skills and forms to satisfy customers while winning potential leads over.

Intentional engagement in social communication arises from intentional social listening with customers, offering feedback willingly while opening up for required solutions which the company can act on to boost sales and bottom lines. This drives the company on the right path of giving what customers want. Hence, new products or services can be developed and offered to a ready market.

2) Engage Social Advertising

Modern marketers who are getting onto social media networks for a wider potential leads market are usually ready to engage in social advertising. This arena may be quite new to many marketers, but online marketers are discovering the potential benefits and success of social advertising with the millions of ready customers for their company business development in the market.

Popular social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter enjoy millions of members and users plying their platform every day. Research notes millions of social media network users invest about half an hour every day on these platforms to search for their desired information, share links and make online purchases.

It is not surprising that more marketers will resort to social advertising on the Internet in 2014 than previous years with the progressive technologies and increasing number of social media users online. Online marketers need to be educated on the benefits of social advertising to be convinced of its success.

3) Adopt Social Integration with Email

Social media that integrates email facility can be very powerful in online marketing. This is poised to be one of the emerging social media trends for 2014 with no phasing out of email. Email marketing has been very successful in reaching a wide range of business prospects when it first emerged in the market. Its marketing value has not really diminished with targeted advertising and marketing strategies, especially when applied with social media networks.

Email customers can connect with business entities via Facebook or Twitter where their influence can spread wider with their sharing of business offerings to their circle of influence. This is one of the best and free social exposures for any company wanting to expand its market presence effortlessly.

Coupled with email facility, the business entity can still exercise control over the amount of promotional materials to their customers without incurring their wrath. This wise advertising approach fosters a stronger company and customer relationship.

4) Set Up a Dynamic Social Media Team

As social media networks expand, more members and users are expected, especially with the more popular platforms. Wise online marketers would do well in setting up a strong social media team that is skilled in handling dynamic social media marketing campaigns.

A dedicated social media team lends to the success of social advertising and marketing where each team member is well versed with the company’s business objectives and social media advertising. The team must be customer friendly and efficient in dealing with all types of customers on the web to establish good relations as well as transform them into loyal customers for life. Hence, competitive businesses would identify and hire the best of social media professionals to set up their dream team to service customers.

5) Defining Social Media ROI

As marketing experts indulge more in social media marketing, high returns on investments are expected, especially in 2015 where advanced technologies are emerging with more dynamic marketing solutions and tools.

Smart social media marketers would want to define the quantum of ROI via social media marketing, although this task may be challenging with limited means of computation. There are also many factors involved that make it difficult to define social media ROI from social media advertising strategies.

Social media marketers can engage measurable social media marketing elements to determine their success with social media.