5 Ways Internet Marketers Can Learn From Chinese SEO

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It is not surprising to note the increasing number of companies across the globe that is waiting for China to fling its trading doors wide open. A host of business opportunities lures non-Chinese and Chinese companies, especially with the emergence of search engine optimization tools and solutions for business trades.

New market players

It is obvious that there would be new market players on the business platforms with China opening its doors to the world. Chinese companies in China are being ‘wooed’ to consider non-Chinese business solutions and products before the Chinese develops their own brands and options.

There will come a time when China SEO would be the next market buzzword as many businesses clamor to get a slice of the China market pie. There may be many understandings on China SEO. The term could refer to an SEO firm desiring to break into the China market or it could be Chinese speaking SEO professionals in the marketplace.

With China opening up to the world of business opportunities, many Chinese speaking SEO professionals from other countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia are taking the best measures to be ready for the new market.

The term ‘China SEO’ could also refer to employees of a China based SEO firm that is ready to participate in the SEO market with the right facilitation, equipment and skills. This emerging market player is causing a hive of excitement for current market players that may be braced for new market opportunities or increased business competition.

Different companies across the globe are positioning themselves properly to embrace China in the implementation of SEO to promote their brand, products and services as well as establish themselves as market leaders in their industries. China poses huge business opportunities not only as one of the largest countries with one of the highest populations in the world today but also untapped resources; both natural and technological.

Companies outside of China are seeking for the right business opportunities to hook up with Chinese companies big or small to promote their business offerings. An eager and hungry Chinese market welcomes the introduction of search engine optimization for businesses along with modern technologies and solutions.

It is foreseen that Chinese companies would be able to grasp new technologies and SEO solutions easily and quickly to become tech savvy and business oriented. It would be in no time that Chinese companies of all sorts in all industries would be poised to indulge in global business marketing campaigns and development whether in English or Chinese.

China versus Chinese SEO

It is proven true that China has embraced the latest technologies introduced by the outside world like a duck to water. This is seen with the emergence of Baidu.com as the nation’s most popular search engine at work that is competitive with Google.

China SEO pertains to the SEO approaches that would be adopted or embraced by the nation while Chinese SEO pertains specifically to use of the Chinese language in generating SEO approaches and solutions. The former may be easy to take on with China opening its doors for outside trade and influence. The latter may take some time as the Chinese language is not so easy to learn or manipulate. There can be Chinese SEO experts depending on the learning curve of these nationals on SEO.

For Chinese SEO to be successful, great efforts are made to simplify the Chinese language for non-Chinese SEO professionals to progress with SEO implementations in China so that easier trades can happen. It may be even more difficult to find experts in traditional Chinese language which is very rarely practiced today outside China. However, there may be many Chinese nationals who live in tribes across China with a strong Chinese culture that includes traditional Chinese language or dialects. These nationals may desire to interact with Chinese counterparts in other nations such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese expatriates in Asia.

It is up with innovative and creative SEO companies to bring in the language experts to manipulate simplified Chinese from its traditional version, so that the Chinese characters would be easier to understand worldwide. This is happening with the Chinese ‘Han Yu Pin Yin’ approach which makes it easier for non-Chinese to learn Chinese.

SEO Company approach

When the terms ‘China SEO’ and ‘Chinese SEO’ are rightly defined, it is now easier to define and identify appropriate geographic markets that would open up to SEO approaches. Non-Chinese companies entering the China market need a Chinese SEO vendor with appropriate language skills for clear communication and business dealings.

Local companies are preferred in any targeted SEO market; hence, smart business entities outside China would search in the best market search engines such as Google. Many Chinese speaking countries are taking that step to break into the China market; Hong Kong and Taiwan are using Google in traditional Chinese while Singapore is manipulating google.sg in Simplified Chinese. PRC China is also accessing google.cn in Simplified Chinese, although the features are not fully available from inland China with a heavy restriction by the authorities. But in China, baidu.com which is in Simplified Chinese can be manipulated easily with tw.baidu.com in traditional Chinese as an alternative. These platforms are more popular than Google by the billions of Chinese residents.

Dual language SEO vendors are highly sought after today to trade with Chinese companies. This would be a smart move for companies venturing into business in China. If Chinese businessmen are ready to open up to new technologies such as SEO, they must be ready to communicate with the rest of the world. It is not a one-way traffic where the rest of the world must pick up the Chinese language to permit business transactions or SEO activities; Chinese businesses need also to make an effort to pick up another trading language such as English to ease communications for successful trades.

The market today offers a fantastic environment for sourcing an SEO firm that can provide international SEO services where various parties adept in multiple languages including Chinese can provide the necessary SEO services to global companies for successful business opportunities.