How to Make Drip Email Marketing Effective?


The progressive technologies, today offer a host of exciting marketing strategies to boost any type of business. This is where Drip Email Marketing emerges as one of the new marketing approaches that sends out short and precise marketing emails for a stronger impact to get a sale.

Modern day marketers employ Drip email marketing today as it can be handled manually or automated to their convenience. An automated system for drip email marketing involves an auto-responder that sends out predefined emails at stipulated time intervals without any intervention by the operator. A specific email send-out time can be set on the auto-responder without the operator monitoring.

Impact on business

Drip email marketing is growing popular as its structure involves providing bits and pieces of business offerings without overwhelming the recipients. Many consumers do not enjoy receiving marketing emails as the contents can get rather lengthy. Too many business marketing emails at any one time is considered a spam activity which is generally frowned upon as consumers today are very busy individuals.

Drip email marketing offers short news on business promotions that may excite the recipients; more information can be secured with a relevant link to the web business site if the recipient is interested in the email content. Smaller pieces of content in an email are found to be more impactful on recipients’ purchasing power.

The shorter email is also easier to read while stirring up curiosity and interest if the contents are worded professionally and creatively. Consumers can digest the email contents more fully to appreciate the business news if the email content is less. They can become familiar with the business entity easily as they wait for more news in later days.

It may take more time for the marketer to engage drip emailing, but more customers can be roped in. This marketing approach is very successful in the real estate industry.

Establishing contacts

It is not common to have a potential lead to become an immediate customer with a first email contact; much less being a loyal customer. The host of choices in the market allows consumers to take their time on their preferred picks for purchase. They are not compelled to execute any business transaction with one or two email notifications from the business enterprise.

The first email is usually sent out as a first point of contact to test the waters on the consumers. If there is a favorable response, business marketers can proceed to fine tune subsequent marketing emails that would compel consumers to consider their business products or services. Some consumers may require more marketing emails before putting in an order.

These drip emails function to establish contact with the consumers instead of losing them to competitors. With a properly designed email content and structure, a drip email serves to keep the consumers connected to the business entity. There may be a particular marketing email sent via drip email marketing approach that may compel the consumer to visit the business website for further information.

Drip email marketing informs consumers that the business enterprise is proactive with a keen interest in their welfare in meeting their needs and expectations through their products and services. Such marketing strategies are effective in impressing the consumers of the business entity’s commitment to the consumers in stellar services.

Constant communication between consumers and business enterprise can be enjoyed through drip email marketing. This is more effective as the consumers on the emailing marketing list are always reminded of the business brand or entity instead of an occasional email. There is a higher risk of consumers forgetting the business brand and offerings with occasional emails.

Efficient marketing strategy

An effective drip email marketing campaign requires an efficient marketing strategy which would bring about the desired outcomes that benefit the company. It is important to consider the needs and expectations of consumers in deploying drip email marketing. Proper email structures and relevant content must be factored into the marketing strategy to ensure an acceptance of the email by the consumer.

A professional format of content display is crucial to impress the consumer. Similarly with the topic that must be interesting, intriguing and beneficial to rouse consumer interest so that the email would not be trashed without opening. An impressive introduction with a leading story of offerings that benefits consumers would stand a higher chance of converting a potential lead into a prospective customer.

The grammar and sentence construction styles are crucial to the presentation and delivery of the business offerings. A good marketing strategy may include suspense, promotional offers and freebies which are attractive to many consumers. A successful drip email marketing strategy may comprise many facets depending on the targeted audience of the business entity.

Every drip email must be designed to stir up the curiosity, interest and eagerness of consumers to take proactive actions on the business offerings. This would lead to an increase of web traffic to the web business site with a higher conversion rate on sales. It costs very little to send out drip emails which generate a high savings for business enterprises. Feedback can be obtained from email recipients to improve the email content or presentation that would attract more positive responses to establish the market presence of the business enterprise.


Drip email marketing is an effective and efficient marketing approach that sends off business emails to targeted consumers on a repeated basis. The send out frequency depends on the business marketing goals and strategies.

Targeted consumers remain connected with the business entity as fresh content is emailed regularly or periodically. When consumers enjoy the email content, they would be inclined to support the business brand with purchases and feedback.

Consumers are constantly updated with newsworthy emails for a better understanding of the business entity, branding, products and services. Small emails via drip emails do not take up the consumers’ disk space or time to identify the business offerings. A proper link to the web business site on every drip email sent would allow recipients to visit the business website for potential sales.