50 Benefits of Web Video and Video Email Marketing

Videos are more likely to attract higher web traffic to online websites today than other types of online ads. There is a long list of benefits in using videos in web marketing endeavors; only 50 are listed here to differentiate a premier online business entrepreneur and a novice.

Brief outline of benefits

1. Web video and video email marketing help the affiliate marketer stand out from the competition with preferred videos as marketing tools over text messages.

2. Videos are proven to be more effective in memory retention of promoted products or services with audio and visual features.

3. This new form of online advertising is derived from a cutting edge technology that appeals to modern consumers for a long time.

4. There is unlimited creativity in any field with web video recording the best of skills and presentation that impresses customers.

5. Video emails put a face to the product or brand in establishing or fostering better relations for better business operations.

6. Marketing web videos or email videos can be produced cheaply while being effective in their objectives.

7. Sales credibility of the marketer increases when viewers can identify the presenter by face and gauge the integrity of the presentation through the visual instead of voice or text only ads.

8. It is easy to produce the perfect web video to project the best marketing campaign as videos can be pre-recorded or re-recorded until the best version is secured.

9. There is no miscommunication or preconceived notions with well produced web or email videos to avoid potential sales confusion.

10. Good customer service can be accorded with web and email videos than with a text email or phone call.

11. A global connectivity is possible via video emails to reach a wider scope of the targeted audience for a more global market presence.

12. A web video presentation is much clearer in presenting the promotion or branding facts that would reduce customer support calls from clients.

13. There is a consistent and clear presentation of marketing messages that helps customers and potential leads to understand the product or brand.

14. Video ads are helpful in educating the viewer on specific aspects of the promotional product or service with a clear demo display.

15. All types of targeted audience can be reached via videos, especially the young generation that grows up with progressive technologies.

16. The inclusion of Cross Sells in the videos helps promote the online business venture using exit links at a corner of the video.

17. The sales process can be shortened when videos are manipulated to prime prospects before an actual meet up for closing the sales.

18. Selling is made easier by saying than typing the words.

19. Training videos can be created to automate the training of new team members without incurring extra effort and time.

20. Videos permit repetition of high quality conversations and presentations to be convincing and compelling.

21. Simple or complex ideas or information can be delivered easily, clearly and quickly via videos for a quicker understanding or comprehension by viewers.

22. Video email marketing allows more quality time to be developed with loved ones.

23. Client relationships can be nurtured easily through well designed and choreographed videos with the customers’ expectations and needs in mind.

24. Web videos can be integrated with a CRM system to enhance the efficiency of the business system.

25. A sales video can make viewers feel special by addressing them personally, even in a pre-recorded version.

26. Trust between customers and marketer can be built via an introductory video followed by a bio video to allow the customers a deeper understanding of the marketer.

27. Adding a personal touch on the video expresses the marketer’s genuine care and good customer services.

28. Video email marketing opens the opportunity to be transparent to the viewers who want openness and integrity in a sales relationship.

29. A video can help connect friends, family, business associates and others easily with the same information conveyed to all parties.

30. Affiliates and Joint venture relationships can also be enhanced through well produced videos that benefit all parties.

31. Web videos can be produced at any time to stay in touch with customers and prospective clients.

32. Producing video ads are cheaper than traditional marketing advertising. High savings are enjoyed with inexpensive and cost effective video email marketing.

33. It is simple and fast to create canned web video responses on FAQs which serve to facilitate customer services with higher satisfaction.

34. Web videos can be viewed at any time or day to generate income for the marketer.

35. Web videos are eco-friendly with a high savings on gas and materials as videos can be replayed any number of times.

36. A lot of time is saved with web videos to generate a higher income for the marketer.

37. Marketing efficiency is maximized with every video email sent to free marketers on other pressing business issues.

38. A ‘Wow’ factor can be added into the email or web video to cause a good sensation among customers and prospects.

39. Professionalism is easily incorporated into a web video without extra cost or inconvenience to project a professional image of the company and the brand.

40. A web video can generate more buzz from one viewer to another when it is passed around.

41. Video ads in web and email video marketing can be viewed and understood by a wider scope of audience for the same cost of production.

42. Incorporate CRM features into the video to enhance the business operations and management.

43. Tracking success rates via web video technology is easy to gauge the effectiveness of video ads.

44. Video ads offer an effortless soft selling approach with exit links on the video sides without being pushy.

45. A web video is instrumental in ensuring a more definite awareness by the viewers who are potential customers sometime in the near future.

46. Less effort is required in selling more with video email marketing or web video where the advertising efforts are reduced.

47. More referrals are enjoyed when satisfied or impressed viewers share the video or its contents with their circle of influence.

48. Video email marketing reduces wasted selling efforts while improving profitability as non-convertible prospects would not be overemphasized.

49. Satisfied clients can be kept loyal with frequent videos that keep them updated on the business offerings and progress.

50. A scalable business model can be adopted via video email marketing with CRM over time.