4 Tried and True Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing ROI By 1000%


Email marketing has garnered quite a wide acceptance with online businesses jumping onto the email technology platform to generate a dynamic marketing campaign that would draw more traffic to their website.

Market research reveals that email marketing campaigns could generate handsome returns on investment which promote brands and enhance business images easily and quickly. There is also a high sales conversion rate on target audiences without incurring high costs of advertising to promote the business.

Huge numbers of business news were sent via emails last year with more expected this year. The benefits are wide and plentiful when executed in an efficient and effective manner.

1) High Quality Interesting Content

This is one of the most important pillars of email marketing that would improve the ROI of this preferred marketing option. When this component is properly incorporated into the email marketing campaign correctly, it would draw more traffic to the web business site with a higher click-through rate.

High quality interesting content in any business email is crucial in attracting the attention and interest of market consumers. A successful email marketing campaign must have content value that would not be found elsewhere to compel consumers towards the business option. Hence, such consumers would be inclined to subscribe or opt in to the business mailing list for more interesting and newsworthy information.

Innovative business marketers need to post unique contents that would generate interest among their subscribers and potential leads to enjoy a continuous support to the business or brand. Enterprising entrepreneurs would want their web content to be the ‘talk of the town’ that would appeal to more consumers. Regular postings of such newsworthy business information would keep the consumers updated on the business’s latest market offerings and progress that interest consumers.

Opt-in subscribers enjoy receiving business ads, newsletters and promotional messages that benefit them as there may be high savings to be enjoyed through discounts, cashbacks and freebies.

Web content need not always be business related information; market consumers also appreciate the latest market trends and flows for up-to-date insights on modern lifestyles. Relevant consumer information that benefits would be appreciated when aptly received at the right time. All these could be achieved when the best of content is delivered via emails regularly and professionally.

2) Identify the Right Demographics

Although emails are relatively cheap to send out, modern consumers do not like to be spammed with business emails that are of little relevance or benefit to them. Professional email marketing strategies include a proper identification of niche markets or targeted recipients who are supportive of the business.

The proper building up of business brands and images in today’s highly competitive business world is to target relevant consumers for the business. This not only helps the business marketer to save on cost, time and effort, but generates good vibes from the consumers and search engines on professionalism. Modern consumers are very busy individuals who do not want their in-box to be cluttered with emails that do not benefit them, especially from businesses that have no connectivity on their needs and wants.

Business marketers would gain more mileage in their marketing endeavors if they research carefully in identifying their niche market before mailing out their business specials. Narrowing down the wide and deep list helps marketers to enjoy higher sales and better market success. Interested parties in the business would be more inclined to receive updates from the business to generate higher sales conversion rates.

Spam emails from business companies can convey a bad image to consumers who are annoyed with the unethical marketing action. Funds could be used wisely to reach targeted demographics to enhance the rate of success of any planned email marketing campaign. This would generate a higher ROI with better marketing campaigns developed via email for businesses that know how to take advantage of this technology effectively.

3) Respect & Trust

A mutual respect and trust relationship needs to be established when email marketing is to be employed by business companies. Every email message sent out by the business should not only be professional in content and presentation but also in format and features. This would include an opt-out component for subscribers who may want to discontinue receiving of business email updates after some time.

The proper respect and trust accorded to business customers goes a long way in establishing the same to the business by the customers. When the proper professionalism is exercised by the business company consistently in all aspects of its process and modus operandi, respect and trust would be reciprocal between both parties. Consumers may commend the business in front of others which equates to free marketing for the business. This is the most effective form of free advertising for the business as customer testimonies are most impactful in boosting market visibility and recognition.

Hence, with every email message sent, there should be not only an opt-in but also an opt-out component to allow subscribers a change of mind on receiving business emails. A high opt-out rate may be a good indication of the ineffectiveness of the current email marketing strategy or campaign which should be re-evaluated and re-vamped for greater effectiveness. These are effectual feedback points for the business marketer to improve their ROI via email marketing instead of resting on their past laurels.

4) Professional Presentation

A business email is often shrugged away by many consumers who are indifferent to the business opportunities that are contained inside. Consumer benefits in a business email could include high savings through discounts and cash backs, freebies and special updates on products or lifestyle.

If a business email is professionally presented from subject lines to content style, email recipients would be more likely to opt in on further business mails to enjoy the many benefits they could reap.


Email marketing could be a very powerful marketing tool for modern businesses today when it is properly implemented after a careful planning of its strategy from start to finish. This would include the theme of the business email, its objective and targeted recipients that would be benefited from the email as well as the company would benefit in higher ROI when the email recipients are satisfied with this type of online promotions.