Top 5 Must-Use Mobile Marketing Methods

As mobile technology progresses in this era, more mobile devices are being utilized by consumers young and old. Modern marketers and business owners now have to switch their marketing approaches to flow with the tide or technology of the day.

Emergence of Mobile Marketing

It is not surprising to note the rise of mobile marketing strategies in pursuit of mobile technology. Modern consumers are embracing mobile technology through the manipulation of mobile devices which are smaller and more portable. Such communication devices are very popular today to induce a high popularity not only among consumers but businesses.

More and more competitive businesses are jumping onto the mobile platforms in an attempt to manipulate sophisticated and cost effective marketing plans with a new marketing paradigm shift. Businesses that apply certain mobile marketing methods may reap bigger rewards quickly to stay relevant in the marketplace while ousting out competition.

1) Mobile-Enabled Web Business Site

With more consumers engaging on mobile devices for their communication needs, innovative businesses that update their web business site to be mobile enabled would draw more consumers for more sales.

Businesses can make this adaptation by using a mobile emulator to emulate mobile phone web browsers. Web business sites can now be viewed on a variety of mobile handsets or devices without going to a computer.

The web business page may be a mini display of the full site version. Having the web business site available on the mobile devices allows consumers to check out the web business offerings at any time anywhere to keep the business coming. There is no need to refer to a computer to check out the latest goodies from the company when it can be done on the mobile device that can display a mobile-enabled web business site.

There are free and paid mobile-enabling services, tools and resources in the market. The choice depends on the business owners or marketers in meeting their business objectives. There would be pros and cons with free or paid options; so a careful consideration of the objectives is necessary.

2) Implement Mobile SEO

Internet marketers and business owners who are considering mobile marketing need to be familiar with Mobile SEO. This would allow them to optimize their web business site for a better mobile search result by top search engines; this would tantamount to a strong mobile marketing foundation.

Half the battle is won when the web business site is highly ranked by top search engines to draw more web traffic even via mobile devices. Next, a mobile sitemap should be generated by using the Google Webmaster Tools Account for a quick setup. This would generate an added advantage to the business when the necessary marketing components are well positioned in the market to attract customers and sales.

Another important mobile SEO feature to employ is the backlink implementation. This is where the use of mobile Directories benefits Internet marketers with its plethora of good and relevant links from other mobile sites.

3) Build Text Message List

How important it is to build a viable marketing list using mobile technology that is available today! This can boost the business in leaps and bounds with the availability of the text message marketing list.

Short text messaging is fast becoming a dynamic marketing tool today for businesses to capitalize on its powerful potential where customers and potential leads can be contacted with the latest business updates immediately and cheaply.

This Short Message Service (SMS) manipulates text marketing that is well supported by mobile technology. It is a very dynamic mobile marketing strategy which every business today must engage in for its many benefits.

4) Join Free Merchant’s Platform

Innovative marketers should sign up on the freely available Merchant Platform by Foursquare. This is the best platform to claim their marketing territory with Foursquare poised as a fast growing social networking site today.

This free platform offers a lot of perks to business owners and marketers who want extra leverage to gain more mileage with their customers and prospects. They can incorporate special features such as mobile coupons to attract more potential leads in boosting sales as well as widening customer base. A stronger market presence is established through this free merchant platform that is readily available.

The tools available at Foursquare are meant to entice customers to be attracted to the web business and spread the word around on the interesting offerings and perks of the business. This is a fun way to create a stronger market presence and credibility in whatever industry to help customers want more from the brand. A more favorable image is generated to establish the company as one of the market leaders in the industry.

5) Utilizing Facebook for Business

All modern businesses today, big or small, require a Facebook Business Page. This is crucial to the growth of the company in all aspects. Facebook offers the best platform in sourcing for targeted audience that boosts business operations and outcomes easily and readily. This is the place where many consumers are spending time on every day.

Studies reveal that web users spend about an hour a day on Facebook catching up on the latest news and updates from their contacts and interacting with them online to keep the bond and relationship. Today, with mobile technology, many web users are referring to their Facebook pages via mobile devices.

Smart businesses would immediately set up a Facebook business page to communicate with customers and potential leads in boosting company brand, image and sales. This is excellent for expanding the company over time.

Little effort and time is required to set up or maintain a Facebook business page professionally. Simple updates would keep the customers and potential leads interested in the business to support it over time. New and interesting updates would enhance the consumers’ interest and participation in the company activities.

Facebook is an excellent platform in promoting the business in a localized area to benefit the local business. More traffic can be generated to the web business site for a higher sales conversion which leads to greater profits.