How to Pull and Use Traffic from Facebook Successfully


From a mere objective of connecting with families and friends via social media networking, Facebook has emerged to be the market’s number one preferred social media platform for ordinary consumers to businesses. It is estimated to enjoy millions of users today with hundreds of thousands online traffic every day to surpass even Google.

Modern businesses today are realizing the business potentials of Facebook as an effective online marketing tool with dynamic marketing strategies via its advanced features. Although popular search engines like Google is widely engaged to search for information on the Internet, Facebook maintains its pole position in the market for the most utilized platform on an assortment of activities. This is how businesses in the market aim to be; number one in their industry with a solid pole position despite the competition.

Success with Facebook

Any business in the marketplace today needs to acknowledge the potential power of Facebook to be successful in the modern market. A detailed study of successful businesses reveals an application of the best marketing campaign available, especially using the latest technologies, tools and resources in the market. Smart business owners and marketers are resorting to the available online resources that can be tapped into that would transform a business from oblivion to fame quickly and cost effectively.

Every business enterprise needs to understand how to pull traffic from Facebook successfully to generate sufficient traffic to its web business site so that it can enjoy a higher sales conversion rate to show off a fatter bottom line. With Facebook as a major source of web business traffic, modern businesses should not overlook this popular social media site that boasts of a wide network.

Smart business owners and innovative marketers would find out how to fully capitalize the massive Facebook traffic that forms the crux of potential business prospects to establish the company in the market. There is a host of free online marketing resources and solutions that are feasible on generating large traffic volumes for business enterprises without a big budget. There are also plenty of bespoke marketing solutions that are specially designed and implemented to fit the exact business requirements of the business entity to achieve its business goals and objectives quickly for a fee.

Professional online marketers and web designers are ready to assist business owners in directing a constant flow of traffic to the company website for higher sales and profits.

Facebook marketing is one of the free traffic generation marketing approaches which creative online marketers use to engage thousands of targeted traffic to the web business site.

Profitability from Facebook

Social media networks impose no limits to their membership as they are designed to connect widely regardless of demographics and groups. Facebook pages can receive any number of ‘Likes’ to indicate the community’s preference that can turn the tide on a business Facebook profile or landing page.

Businesses that incorporate Facebook marketing enjoy immediate web attention as a simple ‘Like’ on their fan page triggers the broadcast effect on related Facebook users’ newsfeed. Hence, a large group of consumers who are connected on Facebook gets updated on a business proposal or promotion that would enjoy immediate sales and attention.

A simple Facebook posting can also generate email updates to targeted or identified group members for an immediate notification where specific action can be taken instantaneously. This is huge for any business wanting to prompt their customers into the appropriate action with any business updates or sales promotion. One Facebook post can update members who subscribe to the Facebook account to trigger the desired action. This is how a web page can turn viral with an opt-in or opt-out form on the fan or web page to respect the user’s preference and privacy. Pulling traffic Successful traffic can be directed from Facebook to the web business site with simple actions by the skilled and experienced online marketers or business owners. The simplest way to pull traffic from Facebook successfully is to start a group related to a particular niche with a focused page containing quality content. A simple notification to those on the mailing list is sufficient to trigger curiosity and interest to participate as more similar high content is generated. This special group of members would be delighted to be chosen as participants of this promotion that is designed to benefit them. The members tend to click on the attached links for the professional quality of content and presentation. Word would soon get round to other circles of contact when the original group members respect and authenticate the existence of the group and its activities.

If proper control is exercised by the creative online marketer on group membership or page contents as well as page presentation, an elite targeted audience is identified for the business to enjoy easier sales with higher profits and lower costs or expenses incurred.

There are only three simple steps in pulling traffic from Facebook successfully to satisfy the web traffic demand of any business today. Step 1 is the creation of a special group that would be interested in an identified niche area with good content and appealing web page. When the high quality content and page presentation are marketed to the group, interest would be stirred to find out more. The buzz would be generated, among other contacts in Facebook to create a viral spread of the offering naturally. There is no need for spam activities when the proper online marketing strategy is implemented professionally with a well thought out proven plan.

Step 2 in directing Facebook traffic is the creation of a like or fan page with an opt-in form for members. A successful and skilled Internet marketer should have an established consumer list with potential business leads as well as loyal customers to establish good relations that are well maintained; especially for those sitting on the fence with the business brand or offerings.

Step 3 is the use of Facebook ads that draws in the traffic by the crowd. An appealing ad includes a specific photo that catches the attention of the user with curiosity and interest stirred.