How to Obtain Free Leads Using Google SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very powerful marketing strategy for modern businesses today with more companies engaging it for greater ROIs. Businesses can be automated with a smooth operation and easy maintenance at low cost to continue generating profits for the business owners.

This dynamic marketing strategy is a key instrument in generating huge traffic to boost businesses besides attracting the desired attention from top search engines like Google and Yahoo! for higher search rankings.

Cost Effective Impact

Every type of business today requires strong potential leads that would culminate into effective customers for the business. Many consumers are searching the Internet via Google, which is highly sophisticated in its technology and search machinery in providing the desired search results quickly.

The Google platform is highly favored for securing fast search results according to stipulated search criteria as the system is well structured to operate by sophisticated features adapted on technology rules and regulations. The keywords are quickly interpreted and searched against the system environment to display the desired results for web users.

Business landing pages can be displayed at the top page of Google search if the business owner or marketer understands how Google SEO system works. Greater business opportunities abound when the rules and regulations of the Google SEO system are satisfied. The business can be expanded quickly on the Internet and marketplace with little cost incurred. The brand and image of the company get a lift to be above the competition.

Benefits of Google SEO

Huge benefits await those who are bold to engage Google SEO into their business plans. Lots of targeted traffic can be secured for free to the web business site when the business adopts Google SEO approaches. The web business site is poised to receive ongoing leads for free as it continues to use Google SEO features.

Higher bottom lines are expected when Google SEO approaches are incorporated into the business marketing plans and campaigns. More traffic to the business website means a higher potential conversion rate from visitors to customers as the business gets more market awareness and publicity online. A greater impression is made on consumers who may incline towards the company brand and products or services more readily when the business website is esteemed well by Google through the right use of SEO features and marketing campaigns.

This would generate a more secure market position for the company which competitors would find it hard to unsettle. The business is able to take a front row in the industry while the competition struggles.

Google SEO offers fantastic organic search results that are relevant to the business. Google displays the results on indexed pages in directories without cost.

Characteristics of Google SEO

More businesses are using Google SEO today in their marketing campaigns to generate more traffic to their websites as this would generate a higher page rank on their web pages especially with the manipulation of right keywords.

Competitors would find it difficult to overtake companies employing Google SEO unless they are more skillful in manipulating Google SEO in their marketing campaigns. Passive traffic can be generated continuously once the best of the marketing campaign is activated. However, time and effort with in-depth research must be developed to build the best marketing campaign involving Google SEO.

Once the right platform is established to kick off the marketing campaign, favorable results would set in; such results are usually longer lasting with good impacts on the company. More traffic is put through with the incorporation of Google SEO. The best of SEO features via Google includes keywords, content and links.

Impactful Factors on Free Leads

It is not difficult to generate a continuous stream of strong leads to the web business site without incurring unnecessary costs. The choice of keywords is an important criterion in boosting high traffic to the web business site. High value keywords must be well researched to be properly identified and effective for the business in attracting web traffic that would convert into sales and profit.

There is the 80/20 rule on good keyword choice which refers to 20% conversion. This shows a high lacking in the choice of the effective keywords that would convert traffic into sales.

Killer articles with great content are vital to captivate the attention and favor of top search engines and web users. A constantly updated blog or business site serves the web community well with its relevant and fresh information. When the right information is easily available to the web users, they would return repeatedly to boost the business bottom line.

Another impactful factor with Google SEO is the manipulation of links from other sites. These are incoming links which boost the value of the web business sites, especially if the source sites are highly reputable in the market. A highly ranked source site adds an extra value to the business website in which the link is referring to. A wise inclusion of a relevant anchor text that links blog content would help web users see, read and click on the link for further required information.


Free leads are readily generated when Google SEO features are rightly manipulated. A good understanding of Google SEO is crucial prior to its manipulation to benefit the business. Google SEO comes in different levels; namely, marketer’s name ranking, company ranking and generic industry ranking.

Consumers today tend to make their purchases with marketers or business owners whom they have established a strong relationship with. It is easy to sell to those who are inclined towards the business than total strangers on the web. A well established relationship requires time and effort by the marketer or business owner in knowing their customers well to meet their needs and satisfy their expectations.

The right manipulation of Google SEO offers great rewards that boost business bottom line and market reputation. Every modern business today needs to consider implementing Google SEO into their marketing campaigns; even small or new businesses in any industry can kick start their way into the competitive playing field with Google SEO.