How Digg Can Become a Powerful Traffic Tool


Web marketing tools are in high demand today by aggressive modern businesses that want to draw more traffic to their websites. One of the emerging web marketing tools today is Digg. It has enjoyed good reviews on SEO and marketing forums for its dynamic structures and features that benefit small to large businesses.

Dynamic features

Links are crucial components of a successful web marketing strategy where good links bring about an increase in web traffic for a business. Websites on the Internet offer linking opportunities to business sites in a win-win situation to expand their market presence. The market also offers SEO and web marketing firms specializing in link building. This is part and parcel of Digg without incurring extra cost on the web business owner. Link building is a primary component in an effective marketing technique that is well indulged by web marketers.

Quality contents are essential to a highly ranked web business site. Interesting and relevant content is necessary to lure more web traffic to a business website with a higher rank by top search engines. Digg offers quintessential features to upload content with teasers that are exciting and appealing. It provides a catchy title with a teaser to generate interest and curiosity in web visitors to visit the web business site. It is possible to enjoy a high popularity of websites with well crafted articles by Digg to win more visitors.

A great and effective marketing strategy today is web related to the progressive technologies emerging and made available to one and all. A successful web marketing campaign requires more than a strategy and research on what the market demands today. The use of appropriate marketing tools like Digg comes in handy to be successful. There may be a host of tedious components in web marketing which automated marketing tools can handle effortlessly and effectively.

The prevalent use of Digg as a free web marketing tool lowers the marketing cost of businesses that engage free social mediums and tools to drive traffic to their websites. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter require no cost with a valid account and email while social bookmarking sites like Digg provide free advertising resources to promote the business offerings effectively and efficiently.

Potential outcomes

Digg is a well designed social bookmarking site that is specially designed using Web 2.0. It is easy to create an appealing business profile on Digg to promote the business dynamically. Bookmarking sites like Digg are extremely useful and effective in promoting the business subtly via quality contents, blogs and websites. A Digg story can activate a ‘shout’ with ‘Digg’ out to others by the recipients. The more Digg users receive this shared link, the more readers the story gets. This is excellent in driving traffic back to the website to position the business more solidly in the marketplace.

Modern businesses today in any industry need to know how to harness the potentials of Digg and other social bookmarking sites to improve traffic in leaps and bounds. Every form of promotional material on the web in any blog or social media platform should have a bookmarking link like Digg. This is a simple embedded code that is placed directly into the promotional article or video that readers can link to.

Customize Digg bookmarks are possible with the myriad of free resources available in the market. Different accounts can be created on Digg with an easy access from site to site. The bottom line with using Digg is the generation of increased web traffic to the web business site at low cost with users ‘shouting’ and ‘digging’ the promotional material. This activity will raise the page ranking of businesses by top search engines when a high influx of traffic is directed to its web pages.

Marketing strategies

Using social bookmarking sites like Digg is a great web marketing tool in a cost effective SEO marketing strategy. Such technological marketing solutions are continuously implemented with RSS feeds which syndicate content across the web to subscribers. This would trigger an instant notification of information directed to subscribers.

The posting of a new article piece would trigger an instant notification to subscribers. Businesses today manipulate Digg to their customer database to notify their business clients of any business updates or promotions quickly. This can push back the competition with a quick notification on business matters. It is easier to remain in pole positions in the market when the business entity manipulates Digg.

Every subscriber, who bookmarks the promotional material would stir up an interest with popular search engines to note the newsworthiness of the upload. It is crucial for business marketers to bookmark the company’s bookmarking profile to add on further relevance to uploaded content and materials.

A lot of exciting and dynamic web marketing tools are available to promote the business for all types of customers. Current and potential leads can be identified readily when these participate in Digg. This web marketing tool is free and helps businesses to stay current and relevant to their customer base. Smart, modern businesses would grab hold of it when possible to implement into their web marketing strategy to enjoy potential profits and greater market visibility.


Social media networks are plentiful in the market with a host of web marketing tools to manipulate the millions of members to benefit the business entity. There are various free web marketing tools like Digg to boost the market presence of a business entity and its offerings by drawing more web traffic to its business website.

Modern businesses must learn to take advantage of such free online marketing tools like Digg which has proven its usefulness and cost effectiveness. Although it is still regarded as a new marketing platform, simple application steps can bring about exciting outcomes that satisfy business goals and objectives.

Digg can easily be linked to other marketing mediums and platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to enhance the online marketing campaign of a business. Social bookmarking sites like Digg allow an exploration of potential marketing outcomes that fit the business budget and modus operandi to gain profitable outcomes.