From Internet Marketing Newbies to Internet Marketing Millionaires


No one in their right mind would say ‘No’ to be a millionaire but there must be some effort generated to be a self-made millionaire instead of coming into the money by inheritance. It is not surprising today to have more self-made millionaires with the advanced technologies that offer a myriad of online business opportunities as in Internet marketing.

Today, many Internet marketers are transformed from marketing novices to marketing millionaires as they go on a short learning curve in one or more of the many online business ventures available in the market.

There are several aspects to be a self-made Internet marketing millionaire. Some may boast of high business acumen to be successful in their chosen business venture while others may strive to pick up the right marketing strategies, tactics, techniques or skills to be successful.

Progressive technologies today help ease the path of online business success with the myriad of technology tools and solutions. The Internet is an excellent business platform to kick off an online business venture with the host of tips, helps, resources and guidelines available for any business to succeed.

Psychology game

However, some business gurus may focus on the psychological aspect of succeeding in any business. An Internet marketing newbie can be transformed into an Internet marketing millionaire if the right psychology game is handled properly.

The first psychological point in an online business venture is to stay focused on the component that would generate profits instead of being involved with a variety of possibilities. Other potential profit generating options can be outsourced while sufficient energy and time is concentrated on the selected business focus. The choice could be a simple activity such as tweaking the business advertisement for more clicks and sales or concentrate on list building or branding to secure a stronger market position.

Proper planning is required to ensure the success of the entire marketing campaign from start to finish for the rewards. Many Internet marketers stay as novices when they concentrate on unprofitable activities such as installing new tools, reading emails, watching YouTube videos or buying hot products from the market. Great wisdom is required to identify profitable activities as an Internet marketer to be successful and move forward to the millionaire path.

Another psychological impact that causes the Internet marketer’s downfall to be a millionaire is the lack of business goal and direction. This is crucial to the Internet marketer to move on from newbie to millionaire status. When a well defined goal in clear view, the Internet marketer can steer forward confidently or work backwards to enhance profitable business activities.

Internet marketing newbies must take the right action, even when overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in front. Failing to take action causes the business opportunity for profit to slip away immediately with no possibility of second chances. Such marketers may feel a lack of skills or knowledge to take an action, but experience comes from trial and error in many business ventures. Success comes with persistence in the midst of failures in many occasions.

A successful Internet marketer who wishes to be a millionaire must be fully committed without giving up regardless of circumstances and situation. Every business opens up to a host of potential failures and obstacles which are actually stepping stones to success with persistence and humble learning.

Last but not least, Internet marketing millionaires dare to invest their time and effort as well as money. Newbies may opt for freebies to lower expenses in the hope of sustaining their online business without incurring extra costs, but successful businesses require certain investments to enjoy good returns on investment.

Business profits need to be reinvested; it can be on the latest technology tool that can boost the business brand or image, marketing resources or advertising opportunities to secure greater profits. Wise investments need to be made via the right ROI to be on the path of an Internet marketing millionaire.

Pragmatic actions

Besides the psychological aspect of succeeding in a business, there are many pragmatic opportunities the business owner can consider to elevate to the millionaire platform in online marketing ventures.

One of the most pragmatic course of action in modern businesses today is the implementation of search engine optimization in every aspect of the online business. It is imperative for modern businesses, large or small, to include SEO features and tools in their modus operandi in website maintenance that would boost the business presence in the market. This would involve the adding of keywords in web articles with interesting videos and web designs that would augur well with top search engines for a higher SERP.

Another potential course of Internet marketing success towards a millionaire status is the inclusion of affiliate programs which can be a simple link at the website. This generates commission without any effort in promoting the product or service. Many Internet marketers join several affiliate programs with advertising links on their website to generate residual incomes which accumulate to a substantial amount over time.

Blogging proves to be another excellent course of action for any Internet marketer who wants to earn big bucks quickly. It is also an ideal way for the business to be branded as well as securing industry recognition for the marketer. Blogging allows web readers to understand the marketer or business owner better with a deeper online relationship developed that can boost the bottom line.

Social media is the key component to Internet marketing success today with the millions of members and users in popular social media networking sites like Facebook. Promotional articles and videos can be professionally referenced with a high potential of going viral very quickly via the connection between members. Modern web users are able to bookmark many favorites via social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Pinterest. A high ‘Like’ volume generates a higher ranking with popular search engines.

Another secure way to market on the Internet is through eBay which is a well established online marketing platform. There are safe online auctions to buy and sell for those who want to make quick profits. Creative marketing strategies can be activated to secure more interested targeted customers to move goods or services through easily and quickly.