Are Companies Craving the Facebook Like?


Small businesses may be apprehensive about the intense competition in the market today with the big players grabbing larger portions of the pie. But small businesses can also succeed easily today with the myriad of cost effective and efficient marketing resources available. This includes social media networks that boast of millions of members; many of whom are potential leads for a small business.

Liking the site

It is possible for a small business to get on the social media bandwagon with a well designed web business site that is optimized and linked to social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. A small business owner can create its personal social media page and have others ‘Like’ it. A personal profile page on Facebook can do wonders in boosting the small business on the web. Today, small business owners can enjoy many ‘Likes’ on their Facebook page with some easy marketing ideas and strategies.

Likes on the personal profile page of a small business owner need not be limited to the small circle of influence. Effective social media marketing techniques for more ‘Likes’ on a Facebook page are readily available in the market with some ingenuity. There are many tips and tricks to secure more ‘Likes’ on a small business owner’s Facebook page when applied correctly and proactively.

A high number of ‘Likes’ benefits the small business as popular search engines would also take a closer look and deeper interest on the web page. A higher page ranking can be procured to draw in more web traffic to the Facebook page that has links to the web business site where a host of business offerings is introduced to potential customers.

A social media account, especially on Facebook is likened to a savings account for the small business where more contributions lead to more growth. A small growth may be instituted at the beginning, but the growth trend may be in leaps and bounds over time when the small business is established in the marketplace. A strong growth is required with a social media account which is readily available via some exciting strategies or juicy social media tips.

1) Expand circle of influence

To secure a high number of ‘Likes’ on a social media profile page requires much more than the participation of family members, friends and associates. A small business owner can request the participation of almost anyone crossing the path. This could include insurance agents, gardener, hairdresser, mechanics, neighbors and delivery boys. These sources should participate because the small business owner is their customer. A reciprocate action of a ‘Like’ on the webpage is expected to continue the good business relations that benefit both parties.

2) Identify potential contacts

A small business owner can be creative and proactive in identifying potential business contacts that can be encouraged to click on the ‘Like’ button on the web business page of the small business. The local phone book or grocery store has a host of potential business contacts that a small business owner can identify in establishing future business prospects.

This can include restaurants, banks or clinics that are frequented in the past, current or future. These businesses can be found on Facebook or Twitter; following them on social media sites can provide an opportunity for them to ‘Like’ the small business webpage.

3) Make new connections every day

It is crucial to expand the customer or potential leads database for a small business so that there would be more people who would click the ‘Like’ button to boost the small business’s market presence. But this can only happen with proactive actions by the small business owner or marketers.

Small business owners must venture out into the community to connect with new contacts every day. A few new contacts every day can build up the business database to enjoy higher ‘Likes’ on its social media account or web business page. Twitter has this wonderful feature where these constant contact additions would activate the system’s recommendation of potential contacts for the small business to build a personal network.

4) Insert social media link everywhere

For more ‘Likes’, participants must be aware of the social media link which can be placed on almost anything anywhere. The small business can insert social media links on business cards, emails, invoices, letterheads, invitations and signage that would prompt consumers to follow the social media page.

5) Be proactive in contact expansion

Never slow down in generating a wider circle of contacts to secure more ‘Likes’. There are many sympathy followers on social media sites who are willing to click the ‘Like’ button in doing a good deed. It is important to be proactive and bold in inviting one and all to ‘Like’ the social media page whenever the opportunity arises without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

6) Join local networking groups

An effective way to generate more clicks on the ‘Like’ button for a small business owner is an active participation in local networking groups where there are great opportunities to secure strong contacts. Invitations can be exchanged to participate in clicking each other’s ‘Like’ button to boost the number for every party’s benefit.

Many local networks on the web exist for similar reasons and the participation rate can be quite high.

7) Blog to reach out

A small business owner can generate a blog spot to attract many web readers with relevant and useful information on the blog space. If the small business owner is an expert in a particular area that is of great interest to web readers, it would generate a high traffic to its website. These web readers can be encouraged to click on the ‘Like’ button to enjoy a new blog post or gain access to a special site for the desired information.

The Internet offers lots of creative juices that would encourage an easy clicking of the ‘Like’ button for any webpage or social media page that would also work well with a small business. More workable ideas can be discovered from competitors and research sites on the web.